About us

Kite Loans is a UK logbook loan provider with a long history of customer excellence and professional service delivery as regards logbook loans. We believe as a provider that each and every single individual is entitled to a loan irrespective of how bad their credit score is. From the time we started operations, we have been steadfast and committed to our vocation to assist as many people as possible avail a loan. Our key objective as a top tier logbook loan provider in the UK is to ensure that we reduce stigma associated with having bad credit, put in place mechanisms that make it simple to get approved for a logbook loan and act professionally in the best interest of our customers.

We continue to be an emblem of excellence, a beacon of hope to the many disillusioned UK individuals with a poor credit rating. We understand that having a poor credit rating can weigh down on you and is the reason you probably have been unable to avail a logbook loan. In this regard, we purpose to make it possible for you to be able to avail a logbook loan without passing through the many obstacles synonymous with mainstream lenders.

As a top tier logbook loan lender, we aspire to maintain a high level of professionalism when dealing with our customers and ensure that we meet all their logbook loan needs.