Welcome to Kite Loans

Is your credit score the biggest impediment in your efforts to avail a loan? Do you feel as if you’ve reached the end of the road and simply can’t take the “no” answers you’ve become accustomed to every time you apply for a loan? Are you frustrated and feel like giving up because every time you apply for a loan you can’t help but feel sorry for yourself? If yes, then you are in the right place and at the right time. At Kite loans, we endeavor to put all your disappointments behind you and help you avail a logbook loan within the shortest time imaginable.

From inception, our goal has been to help as many UK citizens as possible with a less than average credit score get approved for a loan. We are of the opinion that no single UK citizen should be denied an opportunity to get approved for a loan simply because their credit score is not in order. We have over the years been able to assist a lot of people with irreparable damage on their credit report get approved for a logbook loan and therefore all you need to do is approach us and we will sort you.

We do not carry out credit checks and therefore this should not be the reason as to why you should shy away from getting the much needed loan. We believe that our valiant efforts and commitment to the wellbeing of our customers have paid off and this is reflected in how highly our customers value us. It doesn’t matter whether you have a history of defaults, whether you have a history of arrears or whether you have a history of CCJs. Our logbook loans are open to everyone and all you need to do is express interest and we shall be able to help you.

Why should we be your choice?

Kite loans prides itself as being not only a top tier logbook loan provider but one that does not discriminate its customers based on their credit score. Since inception, our key objective has been to help as many people as possible get approved for a logbook loan wherever they are situated in the UK. We have endeavored to inform, educate and advise prior to availing a logbook loan and that is why we have not only the respect but also the goodwill of our customers. Our logbook loan deals are affordable as this content will attest to and also the interest rates are competitive.

We are committed to developing a business relationship with you and not just keen on making profits. Our mission is to ensure that we help as many UK citizens possible get approved for a logbook loan without having to go through a lot of difficulties synonymous with other UK logbook loan lenders. We have been in existence for many years and we can therefore say without any fear of contradiction that we are committed to meeting not only the needs of our customers but also exceeding their expectations.

We also strive to approve logbook loans in the shortest time possible to ensure that our customers meet their needs without any hiccups. Our satisfaction is in seeing that we attend to our customers professionally and that we educate them on the benefits as well as risks of taking out a logbook loan. Our desire is to see you succeed and see you improve your credit score in due time. It is therefore important that you take your time to familiarize yourself with logbook loans prior to applying for one. As Kite loans, we promise to hold your hand and walk with you every step of the way to ensure that you not only get the best logbook loan deal but also that the decision you make is in your best interest.